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Android App

Because we link to YouTube players of homilies and Live Streaming in the app, Google Play took our app off of their store. Fortunately, you can still download the app and install it on your Android device by following these simple instructions!

  1. Go to your device settings General>Security
  2. Check the box under Unknown sources that says to “allow installation of applications from both trusted and unknown sources”.
  3. Open a web browser on your device and go to this url or simply click the link
  4. Once the file is downloaded you should see a popup asking if you want to open the file. Open it and choose install if prompted.
  5. You may see a popup asking if you would like Google to scan the app for errors, we suggest you decline this.
  6. Once installed find the Ascension logo icon in your app listing and it should open successfully!

Please contact Ray Martin with any technical problems.

September Letter

Hello all you beautiful mothers! First off, you all are amazing and we are so grateful for your vocations!

Here’s a sneak-peek at what Ascension Youth has coming up in the next couple months…

We’re so excited to be starting youth group back up in the first week of September with our Fall Kickoffs. For our middle schoolers, we are starting the school year off with a massive chalk war on the football field behind Ascension, while for our High schoolers, we are kicking things off with a 100-Foot Slip’N’Slide! More details here!

For our high schoolers, we are starting a new 3-week series titled Love 101. In this series, we will dig deep and respond to the aching desire to love and be loved that is in all of our hearts. At our first night, Date or Wait?,we will talk about the best practices of interacting with the opposite gender in high school, the theology of dating, and lovingly obeying your parents’ wishes. Our second night, Holy Moly Matrimony, will revolve around some Q&A between the teens and a panel of married couples and will focus on what marriage is, how to discern a call to marriage, and what marriage is actually like in the real world. The third night, Supernatural, will similarly revolve around some Q&A between the teens and a panel of priests and religious (sisters, monks, etc.) from the Kansas City area.

For the month of October, we are starting a new 5-week series about apologetics for our high schoolers titled Sorry, Not Sorry. In the coming weeks, we will explore some tough topics in the Church today like the Crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition, indulgences, the sexuality crisis, moral relativism, authority, all while learning how to share the Faith without being a snob. Stay tuned for more info about this awesome series and our October KAIROS retreat!

All youth group meetings, retreats, and special events are available on our Ascension Youth Calendar right here and on our youth website. We could really use your help with food at youth group gatherings, please take a look at our youth group meal train and see if you would be able to help out by dropping off some food for our young church!

May God bless you this day and always!

Through Christ,

Lee McMahon
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Church of the Ascension
9510 W. 127th St., Overland Park, KS 66213
C: (785) 218-2708
O: (913) 681-7683 ext. 119

Backpack Blessing

Gather your family together and sit in a circle on the floor or around a table.  Ask your child(ren) to hold their backpack(s) in their lap(s). 


Today, we hold our backpacks, which we will carry to and from school, every day this school year.

Our backpacks will hold our work, our ideas, and our best creations.  Our backpacks will bring home our homework and will return our homework when it is complete.  Our backpacks will protect our proudest projects and transport our favorite library books. Our backpacks will carry our notebooks, pencils, pens, binders, rulers, scissors, and glue sticks — and occasionally our forgotten wrappers, crumpled papers, and broken crayons. 

Some days, our backpacks will be so full that we can barely carry them.  Other days, they will be light and nearly empty. But on each and every day, our backpacks symbolize our work and our effort.

Now, we bring them before God and ask for His blessing. 


Gracious God, we ask you to bless our family as we enter into a new school year.  We are grateful for another year of opportunities to learn and grow together and also when we are apart. 

We ask for You to bless our backpacks. They will hold our best work, and occasionally our neglected or rushed work too.  They will carry our successes and our struggles; they will carry our treasures and our mistakes.  May our backpacks remind us of your invitation to grow and learn in every situation, as a family and as students. 

We ask You to make our family like our backpacks — ready to graciously carry each other’s successes and failures, whenever each occasion may arise. 

As we carry our backpacks to and from school each day, may we be reminded of Your love, care, and protection.  May the straps remind us of the loving embrace of our family, securely wrapped around us as we go. 

We pray all of this in the name of Jesus, our Teacher, this and every year.  Amen. 

Catholic Estate Planning

Church of the Ascension invites you to leave a lasting legacy to the parish through Planned Giving. 

Planned Giving is a means to thoughtfully transfer resources to the next generation and helps the church gather the funds necessary for its mission and ministry. 

Below are links to assist in your Catholic Estate Planned Giving.

Catholic Estate Planning Overview
Catholic Declaration On Life & Natural Death
Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions
Catholic Wills
Planned Giving Options
Charitable Gift Annuity
IRA Charitable Rollover

Contact Dawnlee Maurer at or call the church office at 681-3348 with questions.