Church of the Ascension and St. Michael the Archangel Parish have teamed up to co-host Together, a ministry devoted to married couples.  Our hope is to provide opportunities for marriages to grow deeper and for our faith communities to grow broader. Through collaborative learning, inter-parish fellowship, and shared faith experiences, you will grow Together with your spouse and be encouraged in your vocation.

Spend your Saturday night Together. Join us for dynamic speaker presentations, fellowship, prayer, drinks, and appetizers.  Then, continue the conversation with your spouse, out on a date or back in your home — at at time and place that works for both of you! We will provide simple reflection questions to take with you, as entry points for deeper discussion and personal application.

The topics for each evening will be “served a la carte,” meaning, you do not need to prepare with reading or homework ahead of time, nor do you need attended every available evening (although you are certainly encouraged to do so)! All married couples are invited to come — so bring a friend from your neighborhood or from a neighboring parish. You can expect a comfortable, inviting, and pressure-free atmosphere.

Limited childcare is available for children walking through age 1-10. We recommend you register early if you need childcare; our facilities are limited and are expected to fill quickly!

Saturday, September 21

**More information and registration coming soon!**

Saturday, September 21
6:30 – 8:15 p.m.

St. Michael the Archangel
Parish Hall

Our marriages we are meant to reflect and proclaim God to the world. How can we grow in love and unity with our spouse and with God? What practical steps can we take to “bind” ourselves together in the context of a society that tends to fracture, separate, and distract us from our families? What strength might we find in greater unity (Eccl. 4:12)?

Saturday, October 12

**More information and registration coming soon!**

Saturday, October 12th
6:30 – 8:15 p.m.

Church of the Ascension
Parish Hall

Chad and Carrie Pirotte

Is your marriage the Love Story you always imagined? Have you experienced plot twists that neither you or your spouse would have chosen? Join Chad and Carrie Pitotte as they share their personal story of love, loss, faith, and conversion.

Saturday, November 16

**More information and registration coming soon!**

Saturday, September 21
6:30 – 8:15 p.m.

St. Michael the Archangel
Parish Hall

From the first chapter of scripture, God revealed himself through man and woman together: “In the divine image he created him, male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27). How are we called to to be complimentary to one another in marriage? What does it mean to be joined together (Mark 10:9)?

Together With You in 2020

Mark you calendars now; watch for details later:

  • January 11: Church of the Ascension
  • February 15: Church of the Ascension
  • March 28: St. Michael the Archangel
  • April 25: Church of the Ascension

Employment Opportunities

New Position:
Adult Faith Coordinator
As of 7/10/19

The Adult Faith Coordinator reports to the Director of Adult Faith & RCIA.
The main responsibilities are as follows:


  • Coordinate AFF classes under direction of AFF Director
  • Schedule speakers, facilitators
  • Resource to Christ Renews volunteers
  • Resource to Adult Faith Library volunteer
  • Coordinate Parish Mission, speaker and volunteers
  • Coordinate food & drink supplies for RCIA


  • Compile bulletin & email blast info each week
  • Submit articles for Ascent 4 times per year
  • Create brochures, flyers, posters for offerings
  • Submit articles and photos to Ascension website
  • Communication (email and phone) to facilitators and leaders
  • Respond to parishioners on questions regarding offerings


  • Set up hospitality and materials for evening offerings
  • Serve as evening host for classes, meetings, events
  • Purchase snacks as needed


  • Tasks as assigned by Director of Adult Faith

Hours:    12 hours per week during the school year, 6 hours per week in summer           

August 15 – May 31         Tues, Wed. and Thurs.   4:00 pm – 8:00 pm          

June 1 – Aug. 15               6 hours per week in the evening    

Qualifications:   The candidate will be: 

organized                                team orientated

calendar focused                   proficient in Word, Excel and Publisher

flexible                                    ability to learn: My Access

friendly                                   able to maintain confidentiality

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume by Tuesday, July 23 to the Parish Office Attn: Liz Willman or email materials to:

Religious Freedom Rally

Religious Freedom Rally June 30th.
• Mass at 11:45 with Archbishop Naumann
• Lunch afterwards
• Booths and games for kids, info and speakers for adults: 1:30-3p
• Ascension Parking Lot and Parish Hall


Monsignor Stuart Swetland, President of Donnelly College

Elizabeth Kirk, J. D. Scholar, writer and national speaker on matters pertaining to the family in law, policy and the Catholic moral and intellectual tradition

Chuck Weber, Director of the Kansas Catholic Conference, former Kansas Legislator

Eddie Greim, J. D. President of local Federalist Society, secretary of the Kansas City Catholic Lawyers Guild, Member of Missouri Advisory Committee for the United States Commission on Civil Rights

Religious freedom includes two important aspects – freedom from and freedom for. “Freedom from” is probably familiar and what most of us think of as freedom. It means that we are to be free from coercion. The state is not an all powerful institution that can force people to act against their consciences. The right to be free from coercion limits the power of the state. But this freedom must be paired with a “freedom for,” a positive orientation to seeking and acting in accordance with the truth. People have both a right and a duty to seek religious truth. Freedom from coercion allows the space for the pursuit of religious truth. Religious freedom requires that a society both refrain from preventing people from living out their religion and help to create the conditions for religious expression to flourish. A free society, then, is one where people actively seek religious truth and fully live out that truth in public and private. As Pope Francis recently said in Cuba, the Church must have “the freedom and all the means needed to bring the proclamation of the Kingdom to the existential peripheries of society.” Human beings are social creatures. Religious freedom means that not only individuals but also families, communities, and institutions enjoy the space to live out religious convictions. Parents have a fundamental right to teach their children their faith. Companies that seek to contribute to the common good by their responsible business practices should be encouraged. Religious freedom belongs to groups as well as individuals. This social dimension of religious freedom entails that religious freedom includes the freedom to practice our faith in public. In our culture, some tend to think that religious liberty means only that individuals can worship without interference from the government. This understanding is inadequate. Religious schools, hospitals, and charities should be able to operate in accordance with their faith.

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School of Love Date Night  First Thursday of the month.

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