Ascension Religious Vocations & Seminarians

Meet and pray for the Religious from our parish! Fr. Jared Loeher, LCLegionary of Christ ApostolicCommunity of Houston, Fr. Jared temporarily professed vows on September 15, 2009Fr. Jared professed final vows on August 22, 2016Fr. Jared was ordained into the priesthood in May, 2019 Sr. Mary of the Beatitudes DubbertServants of the Lord and […]

God Answers Prayers – Fr. Tom Tank

Fr. Tom Tank’s Homily October 20, 2019 “Jesus in the Gospel today certainly exhorts us to pray with persistence and he uses that very simple image of the widow who was continually pestering the judge in order to get a decision and that the judge finally gives her a decision and how that perseverance pays […]