Catholic’s Divorced Survival Guide

What? 12 Week Support Series The Catholic’s Divorced Survival Guide program is based on the teachings of the Catholic Church and the sessions are led by a licensed professional . The twelve-part program offers healing and hope to those that have gone through a divorce. Who? Anyone seeking counsel, comfort, or support during or after […]

The 12 Days of Christmas Explained

The familiar song, The 12 days of Christmas has two levels of meaning: the surface meaning plus a hidden meaning that represents tenants of the Christian Faith. There is some debate on the original meaning and intent of this song, but the lyrical symbolism remains to be a beautiful tool for exploring our faith, particularly […]

Celebrate the ENTIRE Christmas Season

You have spent four weeks preparing for Christmas —don’t let your celebration end after only one day! Starting on Christmas Day, we invite you to light a Christ Candle (usually a tall, white candle), and gather with your family each evening or during a regular family meal. You may wish to place your Christ Candle […]