To assist Ascension parishioners in listening to God’s call for what He has planned for their life – be it priest, Religious, Deacon, Brother, Single or Married.

Vocations Director, Fr. Dan Morris’ Homily on Vocation Sunday May 12, 2019

Check out this video that goes chronologically through a seminarian’s day, from prayer to studies to recreation.

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Discernment Encounter Dates

Spring 2021 Encounter: April 24-26, 2021

More Information can be found at https://www.conception.edu/seminary/encounter-gods-call/

31 Club – Pray for Vocations

31 Club Signup

Our Goal is to build enough membership within the parish to have several people praying every day of the month for the next 12 months.

When signing up, you pick any date of the month—from 1 to 31—that suits you; then, you commit to go to Mass, have an hour in the Adoration Chapel or in someway pray for Vocations on that same day every month over the following year…and to devote that Mass, Adoration hour or prayer to support the Mission of our Vocations Ministry – To assist parishioners in listening to God’s call for what He has planned for their life – be it Priest, Religious Sister, Deacon, Brother, Single or Married.

The 31 Club does not hold meetings, nor does it require its members to pay dues.  Membership is open to all—including parishioners who are homebound and wish to offer their sufferings and prayer for that day.

Catholics all over the world now pray for vocations through the 31 Club program.  Please join us!

Traveling Crucifix – On Hold Due To COVID-19

Please consider making a commitment to pray for a week for an increase in awareness of the Vocations each are called to by God.  Prayer is a powerful tool, and together, united in prayer, we can move mountains!

The Vocation Crucifix is a picture of our beautiful Crucifix at Ascension with the vocations prayer.  Each family that signs up to pray for a week will keep both the picture as well as a prayer book.

Signup For A Week

Our goal is that each weekend the Crucifix will be presented at one Mass.   Please consider signing up so that you, as a household, can pray all week for Parishioners to listen to God’s call for what He has planned for their life, be it a Vocation to Priesthood, Sisters in religious life, married life or committed single life.

God bless you for your willingness to participate in this new ministry though the powerful instrument of prayer!!

Gratia Plena – A Discernment House for Women

The Gratia Plena house was founded to provide a community for women to discern a call to religious life for a period of 3-18 months. For more information visit http://www.gratiaplenaks.org.

If you would like to get more involved with the vocations committee, please contact Gordon Laville gordon_laville@yahoo.com.