Our communications team is here to help you engage and inform our parishioners!

Richard Warwick, Minister for Stewardship & Engagement
Sarah Streitwieser, Coordinator for Bulletin/E-mail Blast
Ray Martin, Pastoral Associate Communications & Parish Life

Typical Communication Deadlines

Voices from our Parish

“Voices from our Parish” is a weekly article that runs alongside of Fr. Gary’s “Pastor’s Corner” article, on the inside/front page of our bulletin. These articles are also posted on the Parish Blog; from there they are linked to our weekly Friday Email Blast and Parish Facebook Account. These articles are meant to inspire and encourage fellow parishioners. More direction is included within the sign-up link.

  1. Articles MUST be 300-375 words in length.
  2. Articles MUST be submitted at least 1 week in advance of printing
  3. For Parish Staff, please submit a photograph of yourself that can be cropped into a headshot

Here is the general process for submitting articles:

  1. Fill out the Sign-Up link below
  2. Email your article and accompanying picture (if applicable) to Sarah:
  3. Sarah will reach out to you with proposed edits (if applicable) and will confirm the date that your article is expected to run.

    Note: Church of the Ascension reserves discretion in choosing not to run particular articles if the content is not consistent with our mission.

When the form is complete & submitted you will see a notification on the screen and receive a confirmation via email. If you’re experiencing any problems with this form please email Ray Martin for assistance