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Summer Faith Building

Faith and Fun: Pair faith-building with fun or recreational activities. Positive attitudes toward religion and practice of faith are often formed early in life.  If your family decides to wake up early for morning Mass, consider stopping for a donut or small treat after. 

Prairie Star Ranch: Did you know that there is much more to Prairie Star Ranch than Camp Tekakwitha? Attend PSR Family Day, tent-camp with your family, rent a cabin, or spend a day hiking around the grounds.  Check the Prairie Star webpage for availability and options. 

Face to Face: Attend Face to Face (first Sunday of the month in main sanctuary, 7:00pm. All ages welcome!) with your family or spend time in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.  For younger children, Eucharistic Adoration will probably need to be brief.  Consider your child’s particular disposition and capabilities.  Be firm with your expectations for behavior without being overly forceful.  Present Eucharistic Adoration as a privilege, not a chore.  

Summer Mass: Find an “extra” Mass time that works well for your summer schedule.  Look beyond your own parish for times that accommodate your schedule. 

Mass Times: Find the perfect Mass time for your family adventure here.

Church Hopping: Visit historic Catholic churches as parts of larger family adventures, or swap your usual weekend Mass routine.  Experiencing the rich history and architectural grandeur of historic churches helps illuminate the mystery and beauty of our faith.  Occasionally celebrating Mass with other Catholic communities helps children appreciate the universality of Catholicism. 

Historic Catholic Churches: | Our Lady of Perpetual Help | The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception | St. Peter’s Cathedral | Our Lady of Sorrows |Our Lady of Good Council | Holy Rosary | St. Vincent De Paul

Online Resources: Check catholic web pages and podcasts for other faith enrichment ideas.  Here are a few favorites: Catholic Icing, The Messy Family Project, The Catholic Podcast, Catholic Sprouts, Formed, and School of Faith daily Devotions (audio downloads available).