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Family Summer Activities

More than Fun in the Sun:
Creating a Family Culture

Summertime offers an excellent opportunity for families to connect.  Meaningful and memorable family activities are not just clever ways to entertain your children — they are opportunities to create a positive, collaborative, and joyful family culture.

Set aside time for a family brainstorming session, and make a list of possible summer activities.  You can use the ideas from this packet as a starting point, or you can look to friends or online resources. For some families, simple plans work best; for other families, big adventures build memories.  Be creative and try new things, but be realistic considering what works for your family.

Family Fun “Pro Tips”

  • Plan Ahead: Sometimes looking forward to an event is as exciting as actually doing it. 
  • Friending: Spending time with peers is important for children, but family outings are not always ideal for bringing friends along.  Consider these dynamics carefully as you plan.  
  • New Normal: Break out of familiar ruts by trying something new each week.  Try a new restaurant, park, library, podcast, activity, or even grocery store.  Explore KC with fresh eyes.
  • Memberships: Try rotating memberships (Zoo, Science City, etc.) annually.  Taking a year “off” of a family favorite will make “on” years more enjoyable (and easier on your budget!).

Summer Activities:

Print the Summer Family Activity Packet for easy reference later.