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Natural Family Planning

If you are interested in practicing or learning more about Natural Family Planning, congratulations! We hope that you find beauty and joy in the journey.

Our Church affirms marital love that is free, total, faithful, and fruitful. Fully accepting and embracing this teaching, in the context of our current culture, can feel difficult at times. But ultimately, what our Church offers us is beautiful and life-giving.

Natural Family Planning is a life-style, an extension of a couple’s faith and mutual love. Beyond the spiritual component, NFP is both practical and effective.

We understand that it is not always easy to find answers and solutions to questions or problems that present themselves along the way. The NFP links below should offer some helpful information. If you have questions that you would prefer to speak with someone about, do not hesitate to use the contacts link.

NFP Links

If you are new to the world of Natural Family Planning, read this explanation first.

Looking for digital Natural Family Planning Resources? Start here.

Which NFP Method is right for you? Begin your journey here.

Trying to find a local NFP class? Search here.
Looking for a NFP-friendly doctor in our Diocese? Find one here.

You have explored the available NFP resources, but still have questions. Ask here.

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