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Fathers of St. Joseph 5-Part Miniseries

Starting April 28th at 6:30 in the Adoration Chapel

Just like Jason Bourne, each of us was born into conflict.  And just like the Bourne movies we need to know who our enemies are and how to defend and defeat them. Father’s of St. Joseph provides the road map complete with specific instructions for each man in order to not just fight the conflict but win.

To achieve happiness men need to be respected for their strength, intimacy, protection, risk & leadership. Trouble is its usually done by chasing pleasure, focusing on self and ignoring problems perpetuated by bad decisions. What is God’s plan for me? What does it mean to be a father? A husband? Why are relationships so hard especially with the ones I love?  Maybe you suffer but do you sacrifice?

Answers to these cosmic issues are specific to each man. Come learn to make the theological, practical as we present a 5 part miniseries beginning Apri1 28th at 6:30pm. The meeting will begin with prayer in the Adoration Chapel at 6:30, then it will transition into a meeting room (103, school side) at 6:45.

New men are welcome!

For questions contact James Moburg at 913-981-3906, OR Phil Hernandez at 913-302-7530,