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Monday Morning Marthas

Each Monday Morning one of our ministry members will work from a check sheet to tidy up the church. A typical day is started in the Parish Office picking up our cart (full of items that may need restocking in the areas we tend to) and check sheet.

We then check around areas in the church to see if there is anything that looks out of place of needs tidying. Areas of concern are the Gathering area, cry room, Bride’s room, Bathrooms, Sanctuary and Sacristy, Adoration Chapel, Adult Community Room, Adult Faith room and the Reception area.

Supplies are then inventoried and the cart is restocked. When we return to the Office we review the needs of supplies and notify any maintenance issues we find.

Monday Morning Marthas is a great honor, making our Church, community room, and faith rooms neat and pleasant for those we extend a welcome to!

Contact Patty Billinger with any questions or for further information on how to get involved at