Lent 2020

Family Plan

This year for Lent, the Ascension Family Life Ministry would like to encourage you and your family to form a Lenten Family Plan.  Rather than making individual resolutions, that each member of your family seeks to fulfill individually, we would like to challenge you to pray, fast, and give together. 

  • Making Lenten resolutions together will help build a culture of shared faith within your family. 
  • Working through the challenges of shared resolutions gives opportunities for meaningful discussion over shared experiences.
  • Planning for Lent together as a family team helps increase connectivity between external actions and interior spiritual movements.  “Giving-up” a particular thing is not just about successful avoidance, but about what that particular fast reveals within one’s own heart. Difficulty, complaining, and even apparent “failure” can be meaningful spiritual experiences if shared and embraced in the proper context. 

Shared below is a sample Lenten Family Plan.  We encourage you to modify it to fit your family and your needs.  We made suggestions that we believe will be both challenging and fruitful for younger kids, teens, and adults.  You may use this as is or as a starting point for forming your own Lenten Family Plan.

Elevating Mass

The Ascension Family Life Ministry would also like to encourage you to talk more in depth with your children about Mass during Lent. We encourage you to choose one element of Mass to highlight each Sunday. Check back each week for new ideas. Special thanks to Corey Grace for authoring this series!

A Few Other Resources