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House of Hope

Ministry of Care Heart house_of_hope_kansas_city

Corporal Work of Mercy:  Give Drink to the thirsty (info and education)  Spiritual Works of Mercy:

We are providing  lunch and some of the paper and snack supplies they need on an ongoing basis.  More importantly, we are attending and planning a Bible Study/Prayer service for this house that gives hope to parents and troubled teen girls.  If you’d like to join in this wonderful ministry, you must be added to the list that goes and submit to background check, TB test and a formal registration process.  Contact Jean in the office for details.
Their residential program includes:
Christ-Centered Counseling for Teens and Parents
Structured Education at Hope Academy
Daily Spiritual Guidance and Teaching

House of Hope Kansas City is a non-denominational, parent-interactive, non-profit residential home and school for healing teenage girls, ages 12 through 17. They are a loving and transformational temporary home, designed as an intensive five phase program. The residential program requires parents and their daughters to enter fully into the healing process of individual and family counseling, as well as parenting classes. We also offer non-residential, outpatient counseling for families with struggling teens. Focusing on the family is what makes House of Hope Kansas City different and successful!

Click here to help with paper products.  Click here for their web site

info for volunteering needs at House of Hope:House of Hope vounteers 2