Faithful Citizenship

Welcome to a resource for voting as Catholic citizens with our moral consciences. Archbishop Naumann highlights the moral priorities in the upcoming election. Forming Consciences – Does the Catholic Church Give All Issues The Same Weight? Forming Consciences – Making Moral Choices Forming Consciences – Our Call Forming Consciences – Why Catholics Vote Archbishop Naumann […]

Reverse The Ruling

An April 2019 ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court cleared the way for unrestricted abortion. Catholics must take action to Reverse the Ruling and protect mothers and their preborn children. Downloadable Flyer from the Kansas Catholic Conference What did the Kansas Court Do? When reviewing the bipartisan restrictions on the horrific practice of dismemberment abortion, […]

Human Trafficking

Sister of Mercy, Jeanne Christensen, offered a presentation on this crucial topic. She serves as the Justice Advocate against Human Trafficking for the Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community. The session included time for questions and discussion. Detective Derrick Wilczek from the Overland Park Police Department was also available to speak and answer questions on […]

Hot Topics Speaker Series: Immigration And Islam

Immigration and Islam: Principles for Discernment As Catholics, we know we are expected by the teachings of the Lord to love and offer hospitality to those in need. We are also called by our Lord to protect the innocent. Do these commands create an irresolvable tension when it comes to immigration and Islam? Listen to Dr. […]

Hot Topics Speaker Series: Homosexuality-Andrew Comisky

Our Parish Council has recommended this year that Ascension offers a series of presentations on various issues happening in society today.  We’ve called it the “Hot Topics Series”. Below are a list of resources from our first night. Homosexuality Andrew Comisky’s Presentation (Watch it here) Other Resources ~ Bishop Barron Interview (among others topics, this interview […]