Reverse The Ruling

Fr. Tom Tank’s Homily reminding us that “we are a people of life.”

An April 2019 ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court cleared the way for unrestricted abortion. Catholics must take action to Reverse the Ruling and protect mothers and their preborn children.

Downloadable Flyer from the Kansas Catholic Conference

What did the Kansas Court Do?

When reviewing the bipartisan restrictions on the horrific practice of dismemberment abortion, the Kansas Supreme Court “discovered” a “right” to nearly unregulated abortion in our 1859 State Constitution. Such a decision endangers previously enacted protections for mothers and their preborn children.

You Can Act Now

  1. Pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe – Patroness of the Preborn
  2. Sign the petition below or visit for more information.
  3. Contact your State Senator and State Representative: Tell them to support the Kansas Life Amendment

State Representatives

What Will The Constitutional Amendment Do?

The amendment reverses the court’s highly controversial ruling by clearly stating that there is no right to unrestricted abortion in Kansas. It will ensure that Kansans, through their elected officials, may continue to enact common sense life-saving limitations on the abortion industry such as: prohibiting late-term and taxpayer funded abortions, requiring parental consent for minors seeking an abortion, protecting women by requiring accepted medical safety standards at clinics, providing women information on health risks and the baby’s development, and requiring a 24 hour waiting period.