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Church of the Ascension Adult Faith Registration

Please use the buttons below to view our catalog or register for offerings at Church of the Ascension. You may pay online or write a single check for all fees. Checks may be payable to Church of the Ascension and returned to the parish office.

If you already own a copy of a book use the coupon code listed to register without having materials purchased for you.

COUPLES- Please register individually.  If you are planning to share materials use the coupon code for one of you so that we only purchase one set of materials.

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Holy Conversation Book Club $13

Already have a book? Use coupon code “nobookholy” at checkout.

Why the Catholic Church?

Late registrations are welcome, but there is no guarantee that materials will be available your first day of class.  There could be a $10 late fee for late registrations.  See individual classes for deadlines.

Contact Liz Willman with questions regarding these offerings.  For technical issues contact Ray Martin

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