Church of the Ascension Adult Faith Registration

Church of the Ascension Adult Faith Registration

Please use the buttons below to complete a registration page for a course or group you would like to participate in. You may pay online or write a single check for all fees. Checks may be payable to Church of the Ascension and returned to the parish office.

Theology of the Body

Theology of the Body

There will be no renewal of the Church and of the world without a renewal of marriage and the family. And there will be no renewal of marriage and the family without a return to the full truth of God’s plan for the body and sexuality. If you have a body, this theology applies to you!

Based on St. Pope John Paul II’s revolutionary teaching and presented by world-renowned speaker and author Christopher West, “An Introduction to the Theology of the Body, Discovering the Master Plan for Your Life”, is designed to give you a solid understanding of God’s plan for humanity, a plan stamped right into our bodies.

This 8-part study facilitated by video, workbook, and discussion, demonstrates the Church’s teaching on sex and marriage “makes sense” and in fact is the “logic” of Christianity. Theology of the Body provides a “lens” through which to view the whole mystery of human life.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Whitehead

Day of the Week: Sundays
Time: 9:30am-11:00am
Facilitator: Joyce Grashoff
Cost of Materials: $15


A Great Book Series

Join us for a new combination study group/book club. We will be covering great books, both classic and modern that perhaps you have heard about or always wanted to read, but didn’t want to tackle on your own. There is no ongoing commitment-choose whichever book interests you. We’ll be using study guides, discussion groups, and videos – all while keeping our connection to Catholicism. If you would be interested in reading authors, such as G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Dante Alighieri, Peter Kreeft, Thomas A. Kempis, Cardinal Sarah, and Michael D. O’Brien, this study group/book club is for you.

After Humanity

Our first book is The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis, and we will be using a guide, After Humanity by Michael Ward. Of The Abolition of Man, Lewis said it was “almost my favorite among my books.” It was described by one critic at the time as “an all-too-plausible picture of man’s destiny after the concept of absolute values has gone out the window.” In our “post-truth” twenty-first century, it seems to have even more relevance than when he originally presented it.

Thursday Evenings
May 5 – July 28
Facilitator: Joyce Grashoff
Cost of Materials: $25
Location: St. Luke Room

If you would like to register you will need to purchase your own materials. Contact the parish office to register for the class.

Adult Confirmation Class

Adult Confirmation Class

Are you an active, practicing Catholic who has received Baptism and First Holy Communion but has never been Confirmed? We will be offering an Adult Confirmation class this spring. This is open to any individual from juniors in high school on up. Contact Liz Willman by April 19 at 913-681-3348 ext. 139 or to see if this option fits your needs.

April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25

Facilitator: Kim Sutton
Cost of Materials: $0

Questions? Contact Karen Newkirk 913-681-3348 x142 or

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)


Are you or someone you know interested in becoming Catholic? Join us for classes to see if this is right for you! We will meet on Monday nights to present basic topics of the faith and grow in our relationship with God. Adults are welcomed into the Church at Easter in the spring. We also would love to have parishioners volunteer to serve as a sponsor for someone going through RCIA.

For more information, contact Liz Willman

Christ Renews His Parish Retreat

Christ Renews His Parish

Parish sponsored retreat program offering a Sat./Sun. retreat at the parish in the Fall and in the Spring. There are separate weekends for Men and Women. It is a program designed to bring parish members together in Christ, and emphasizes your continued growth in Catholic Christian life. It initiates this through small group participation. If interested, complete the registration form on page 26, or check out the parish website or Adult Faith Bulletin Board in the Gathering Space for a registration form.

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Disciples Dwelling: A Young Adult Bible Study

Are you currently transitioning from college into adulthood? Are you looking for an opportunity where you can dig deeper into your Catholic faith while bonding with other young adults on fire for Christ? Then consider joining Disciples Dwelling (DD) – Ascension’s young adult weekly small group study. We discuss upcoming Sunday Mass readings followed by a fellowship activity – with occasional DD functions on weekends.

Disciples Dwelling

Ongoing Bible Study for a passionate group of Catholic Young Adults, ages 21-35
Thursdays: 7:00PM – 8:30 PM
Location: Youth Room
Facilitator: Amy Reinhardt and Jennifer Mathews
No Cost

If you feel called to learn more about joining Disciples Dwelling, look us up on Facebook or contact Amy Reinhardt for more information.

Late registrations are welcome, but there is no guarantee that materials will be available your first day of class. There could be a $10 late fee for late registrations. See individual classes for deadlines.

Contact Liz Willman with questions regarding these offerings. For technical issues contact Ray Martin