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The Special Needs Ministry of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas is happy to announce that our Respite Care program has begun!  Funded by a grant from the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services, the Respite Care Program offers families who have a child with a disability a break from caregiving!  The Respite Care program takes place at Holy Cross School in Overland Park.  It is held from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. usually on the last Saturday of the month with a few exceptions during the holidays.  We have wonderful staff and volunteers, several of whom are professionals in the field of special education or a related profession.  All are caring and compassionate.  We have a registered nurse on staff as well as a program coordinator, and coordinators for art, music and recreation activities.


We invite you to take advantage of this program and to inform other families you may know who would benefit. For more information, including the dates of upcoming respite care evenings, and/or to register, go to or you may call Audrey Amor, our Respite Care Program Coordinator at 816.739.1197. She is a teacher so she may not answer during the day.  Leave a message and she WILL call back.  Audrey will fill out the registration form over the phone and visit with them about the specific needs of their child!!

Our Common Home

OUR COMMON HOME…Ascension’s response to Pope Francis’ Encyclical:  Laudato’ Si.

“Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork From Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si:  “Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or secondary aspect of our Christian experience.”

We are called by Pope Francis in Laudato Si’ to make a change in lifestyle and consumption. Thus we assume our responsibility to care for and protect our gift of God’s creation.

The Common Home Ministry conducted a kick-off survey to receive input from parishioners on how Ascension Parish could connect our Christian faith with environmental practices and stewardship programs.  Common Home Ministry would like to thank everyone for contributing their ideas and feedback during the survey period.  This feedback will guide the direction for future activities and goals, as we work on incorporating these interests and priorities into the long term plan for the Parish.  We welcome your feedback at any time and look forward to making more announcements in the near future.                                                                                                                                                                         1)Top priorities for projects to be initiated or more fully promoted within the parish include:           Recycling , Energy Audit of the Church and School, Reduction in the use of non-recyclables’ (Waste Reduction) and Community outreach and cleanup                                                                                              2)The highest concerns and interests from the parish regarding the environment include:  Reduction of waste, Recycling and reuse of materials, Energy usage and environmental impact,Education on health and welfare             3) Stewardship projects:  Community involvement and cleanup, Clean water initiative, Energy Audit

Respect Life

Respect Life feet

“Never tire of firmly speaking out in defense of life from its conception and do not be deterred from the commitment to defend the dignity of every human person with courageous determination. Christ is with you: be not afraid!”

– Pope John Paul II

Corporal Work of Mercy: Give drink to the thirsty

2018  Respect Life  January needs!  click here to sign up to help with signing of the Roses and help for signing up people for help at the Rose Parade  Jan 13 and 14.

Mary, we pray today for all mothers who are afraid to be mothers.

We pray for those who feel threatened and overwhelmed by their pregnancy.

Intercede for them, that God may give them the grace to say yes and the courage to go on.

May they have the grace to reject the false solution of abortion.

May they say with you, “Be it done according to your word”.

May they experience the help of Christian people, and know the peace that comes from doing God’s will.


Click Here to help walk in the Rose Procession on Jan 21

Adoration Hour

Respect Life feet

The Respect Life Ministry has one weekly hour of Adoration.  Our hope is that volunteers will sign up as an opportunity to pray for all LIFE issues. The time is every Saturday from 4:00-5:00 p.m.  This is a opportunity to be with Christ peacefully – either alone or as a family!

Adoration Sign Up

 Different Activities we do through the year:

 The Respect Life Ministry, along with the Knights, are sponsoring The Baby Bottle Boomerang to raise needed funds for the Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic and Advice and Aid.  The clinic, sponsored by the Archdiocese, provides services at no cost to women and families dealing with an unplanned pregnancy (and that care can continue for the first few years.   PLEASE use this as an educational opportunity for your family to discuss how this donation helps families and helps save babies!

40 Days for Life …(NO CURRENT TIME)a groundbreaking, coordinated, international pro-life mobilization to end abortion in our city – and beyond. You’re invited to peacefully pray during a 40-day vigil outside of the Women’s Health Center abortion clinic, located at 4840 College Boulevard in Overland Park, Kansas. Please help spread the word about this important community outreach. For more information, visit the 40 Days for Life website:  40 Days for Life:  Sign up to peacefully and prayerfully protest abortion.  Ascension covers 2 full days (March 7 and April 2) with at least 2 people per hour. Click here to help



See our Web page for fostering opportunities

We have a hidden jewel in our Archdiocese. We have an adoption agency located in KC, KS that has an excellent record of finding babies for adoptive parents. Currently, the average wait time for approved prospective parents is only seven months.

St Joseph Adoption Ministry has been placing babies with Catholic adoptive parents across the nation since 2001.Sister Dolora May is the executive director They have developed a national network with adoption professionals which affords them with access to babies born across the United States.

They could place more babies if they had more prospective parents!!  This is truly a hidden jewel. For more information on SJAM go to their web site at . Please spread this good news!

Roses for Life Campaign and Rose Procession: Jan 15th:   We do on Sanctity of Life Sunday (3rd weekend of Jan usually) where we commemorate Roe v Wade and we send notices to State Legislators

LIFE CHAIN:  (1st weekend in October) is a nationwide peaceful, prayerful hour of prayer on public sidewalks supporting the dignity of and right  to life.

Pack ‘n Play Collections:  Respect Life Ministry is out to help stock area pregnancy centers where girls or women go who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Giving hope sometimes looks like a blankey!  Need: crib sheets, baby clothes, onesies, jammies,” wearable” blankets, diapers, wipes, anything for a new born up to age 1 (Done in October)

We support the Gabriel Project also.The Gabriel Project is a ministry providing help to pregnant women in need. A “Good Samaritan” approach towards helping women in a crisis pregnancy.  


We need to love not judge  ( a homily by the Archbishop of Boston)

 The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Pro Life Website:

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Pro Life Activities:

 Project Rachel/Project Joseph – Healing After Abortion:



Roses for Life

click here to help with Procession


Rose Procession: Masses on Sanctity of Life Sunday 1/17/16.   10am and 5pm

January 22nd, 2016 will mark the 43rd anniversary of Roe vs. Wade which made abortion legal and has since resulted in the deaths of more than 50 million unborn children in our country alone.  Each year the Respect Life Ministry organizes a procession during Masses on Sanctity of Life Sunday 1/18/14. We are in need of a lot of young helpers to represent each year of life chosen since Roe v Wade. We especially need teens and those in their 20’s.  If you or any of your children are able to participate in one of the Masses, please click on the link

Roses for Life:  Paper Roses will be available for parishioners after all Jan 17th Masses with a request for all registered voters to fill out the slip of paper attached. The”roses” are brought to our state legislators during the March for Life on Jan 22nd to show our support for LIFE and ask that they vote pro-life. This is a very visible sign for our legislators to help show we stand for LIFE!

Monday Morning Marthas

Each Monday Morning one of our ministry members will work from a check sheet to tidy up the church. A typical day is started in the Parish Office picking up our cart (full of items that may need restocking in the areas we tend to) and check sheet.

We then check around areas in the church to see if there is anything that looks out of place of needs tidying. Areas of concern are the Gathering area, cry room, Bride’s room, Bathrooms, Sanctuary and Sacristy, Adoration Chapel, Adult Community Room, Adult Faith room and the Reception area.

Supplies are then inventoried and the cart is restocked. When we return to the Office we review the needs of supplies and notify any maintenance issues we find.

Monday Morning Marthas is a great honor, making our Church, community room, and faith rooms neat and pleasant for those we extend a welcome to!

Contact Jean Hinman with any questions or for further information on how to get involved at

Women of Ascension

IMG_3588To glorify God by promoting spiritual growth, stewardship, fellowship and friendship among all women of the parish.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Hillary Braudis at 913-406-5739 or at

2017-2018 Women of Ascension Officers
President: Hillary Braudis
Vice President: Mary Connor


Game Night & Blind Wine Tasting
Friday, January 19th from 6pm – 9pm
More details to come!

Advent Bible Study – Four Weekly Sessions
Tuesdays, Nov 28 ~ Dec 5~ Dec 12~ Dec 19
9:30am – 10:30am in the St. Mark’s Room
$20 per person payable Nov 28th at the first session

To Register and for more details [Click Here]!

Highlights from Advent By Candlelight Nov 30th Coming Soon!


Highlights from Friday, June 23rd – KC Wine Co!

Highlights from Friday, April 28th!


Volunteer Opportunities
Grand Avenue Temple
Serving  meals the homeless.
For further details, contact Kristine Penn at or Tricia Baldwin at

Stratford Commons Assisted Living
For questions, contact Kristine Penn at 913-620-8551.

Dinner Group
Join one of Women of Ascension. dinner groups.  Choose from an individual ladies group or couples group with an option of hosting dinner in your home or a dine out restaurant group.

If interested in joining a Dinner Group, contact Julie Malecki at

Mothers of Young Children (MOYC)

IMG_3587MOYC provides all Ascension Catholic mothers with children of second grade age and younger with spiritual enrichment to strengthen faith and friendships through fellowship, prayer, family activities and community service. We encourage and welcome all mothers of young children who are interested in fostering Catholic values and traditions in their families to join with us. MOYC meets the first Thursday of  the month at 7:00pm. Please contact  Jamie Kahm at 913-226-1776 or or Jill Gonterwitz at 913-481-2031 or

Membership is only a few clicks away!

For the MOYC enrollment form please click here
Board Members 2017-2018, please click here


Mothers of Young Children (MOYC) provides all Catholic mothers of children of second grade age and younger with spiritual enrichment to strengthen faith and friendships through fellowship, prayer, family activities and community service.

Monthly Meetings

We meet for fellowship, faith and friendship on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm in the lower level. Each month we will have an activity or a speaker relevant to mothers raising Catholic families.

Spiritual Enrichment

Our faith and spirituality are the guiding principles of MOYC’s mission. We value building friendships with Catholic moms and expecting moms through prayer, reflection and discussion. During the monthly meetings, we offer prayer, bible study and rosary group.  We also participate in Adoration and monthly Moms at Mass.  We encourage and support other faith-filled experiences within our parish as as well.

Moms’ Night Out

Our adult activities provide an opportunity to gather for more friendship and fellowship in various locations around town each month. Join us for good food and great times!

Children’s Playgroups and Outings

Playgroups are organized into small groups based on your children’s ages and are hosted in various members’ homes or your playgroup’s choice. Please contact the playgroup chairperson to join! Children’s outings are open to all members each month and provide another opportunity to build friendships while visiting a wide variety of places and events throughout the area. Activities are organized to accommodate both stay-at-home moms’ & working moms’ schedules.

Children’s Parties

We host two children’s parties for MOYC families each year—Halloween and Valentine’s Day. These are a great opportunity for families to celebrate together.  MOYC also hosts the parish-wide Advent Family Festival and Easter Egg Hunt, giving our time and talent to the parish community.


 Little Angels

Each June we host a one-week miniature vacation bible school for MOYC children. Each day we meet for one hour in the lower level for a bible study, songs, crafts and snack.

Community Service

MOYC engages in various community service projects each year to support other mothers, our parish and our community. New moms and those dealing with unexpected situations within the group receive meals from other MOYC moms. We also encourage and support various groups within our area specific to mothers, young children and families.

Support of Ascension Activities

MOYC supports the annual Parish Picnic.  We are also in charge of planning the Kids Korner room at Mardi Gras, our parish-wide fundraiser.

Men of Ascension

A group of Catholic men who strive through fellowship to understand and live a life in keeping with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.  There are no dues or obligations.  The group offers an opportunity to share ones faith informally and discuss the challenges faced by men in light of the gospel and Catholic teaching.  The group meets Thursday evenings at 7:30pm and Friday mornings at 6am.

Contact: Ken Jennison 913-685-9725

UNBOUND Sponsorships for Kids and Elderly

Ministry of Care HeartSocial Concerns               Unbound_brandmark                  With a kid

Corporal Work of Mercy:  Feed the Hungry/Give Drink to the Thirsty/Shelter the Homeless

is a lay Catholic organization that has served more than 300,000 children, youth and elderly in 20 developing countries since 1981- empowering them to make more choices in their lives, live with dignity, and reach their potential.  UNBOUND’s unique sponsorship program is highly personalized.  It matches a child, youth or aging person at a project overseas with a sponsor in the US who cares about and encourages them.  For about a dollar a day, a sponsor helps to provide much needed nourishing food, medical and dental care, the chance for a child to go to school, livelihood programs for families and much more.  All of these efforts are directed at affirming the dignity of every person in their local community. 

Click here for more info :