Together Builds Marriages … Not Pandemics

Due to the current heath crisis, Together is temporarily on break. Below are the events previously scheduled for March and April that we will reschedule once we are confident that we can proceed safely. We will keep in communication as circumstances unfold. In the meantime, we pray that you stay safe!

Church of the Ascension and St. Michael the Archangel Parish have teamed up to co-host Together, a ministry devoted to married couples.  Our hope is to provide opportunities for marriages to grow deeper and for our faith communities to grow broader. Through collaborative learning, inter-parish fellowship, and shared faith experiences, you will grow Together with your spouse and be encouraged in your vocation.

Spend your Saturday night Together. Join us for dynamic speaker presentations, fellowship, prayer, drinks, and appetizers.  Then, continue the conversation with your spouse, out on a date or back in your home — at at time and place that works for both of you! We will provide simple reflection questions to take with you, as entry points for deeper discussion and personal application.

The topics for each evening will be “served a la carte,” meaning, you do not need to prepare with reading or homework ahead of time, nor do you need to attend every available evening (although you are certainly encouraged to do so)! All married couples are invited to come — so bring a friend from your neighborhood or from a neighboring parish. You can expect a comfortable, inviting, and pressure-free atmosphere.

Limited childcare is available for children walking through age 1-10. We recommend you register early if you need childcare; our facilities are limited and are expected to fill quickly!

The cost to register for an evening Together is $15/couple (not per person!), and can easily be completed via the links below. Childcare is $3/child. Scholarships are always available upon request!

Love Language

If you paid for this session electronically, your payment will be reimbursed within the next 24 hours. Please note that it may take an additional week for the refund to post to your account.

We’ll keep you posted as we are able to re-schedule a date and time!

Father Brian Schieber
Pastor, St. Michael the Archangel Parish

Do you know your spouse’s love language? He sends you flowers when what you really want is help preparing dinner.  She sends you sweet text messages when what you really want is her to listen to you after a stressful day. Fr. Brian Schieber will be speaking about different types of love language, facilitating an activity to help you discover your spouse’s love language, and giving you suggestions of how to implement this into your marriage.  As you learn how to express heartfelt love to your loved one, you’ll find yourselves deeper in love and growing closer to God–together–as a result.

Shared Rosary


We will keep in communication as circumstances unfold. We will not schedule future events or open up enrollment until we are confident that we can proceed safely.