The 31 Club

The Vocations Ministry at the Church of the Ascension implemented our “31 Club” in 2018.  Parishioners are able to sign-up via the Parish Signup Genius on our website, the school, the Youth Faith Formation Office or simply click the link at the end of this article.

After signing up, a member picks any date of the month—from 1 to 31—that suits them; then, they commit to go to Mass, have an hour in the Adoration Chapel or in some way pray for Vocations on that day each month over the next year…and to devote that Mass, Adoration hour or prayer to support the Mission of our Vocations Ministry:

To assist parishioners in listening to God’s call for what He has planned for their life – be it Priest, Religious, Deacon, Brother, Single or Married.

No meetings | No dues | Open to all parishioners

The 31 Club does not hold meetings, nor does it require its members to pay dues.  Membership is open to all—including parishioners who are homebound and wish to offer their sufferings and prayer for that day.

Our Goal is to build enough membership within the parish to have 300 members.

The history of the 31 Club goes back to the 1970s in New Zealand.  A local priest saw a need for an increase in vocations in addition to a need for support of current vocations, and asked his parishioners to pick one date in the month that did not fall on a Sunday.  After choosing the date, they were to attend Mass on that date, and offer it with prayers for priests and religious serving the Church, as well as for an increase in vocations.  Thus, they would attend one extra Mass every month as an offering for vocations initiation and support.

Catholics all over the world now pray for vocations through the 31 Club program.  In some cases, parishes are bringing back the program to their locale as part of a renewed effort to promote vocations.  Please prayerfully consider becoming a member!