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Let Someone be Christ to you

By Amy Reinhardt

We are not alone on our journeys. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we have one another to lean on, especially during difficult times. It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re suffering. We have the tendency to look inward and only see the hardship we’re facing. We forget to look beyond ourselves to see others who are carrying their own heavy crosses.

I’ve felt that way for most of my journey. I felt that my kidney disease isolated me. Being on dialysis made me different, weaker, and not myself. These were the Enemy’s lies. He wanted me to feel separated from friends and family. That’s why He tried to plague my mind and heart with jealousy and fear.

He uses this evil tactic with all of us in times of struggle. The best way to combat Him is by choosing community. Allow others to help. Don’t let pride keep you from opening yourself up to receive. You are not incapable because you let others assist you.

We are not invincible. We are not superheroes. We cannot go it alone. We need others.

When I found out I needed a transplant, my first thought was, “I do not want a living donor. I want my kidney to come from someone deceased.”

I felt this way because, secretly, I was thinking only of myself. I didn’t want a living donor’s kidney because I knew I couldn’t repay this lifesaving gift. I didn’t want them going through a big surgery and having any complications.

Fortunately, the Lord slowly opened my heart. My family and I attended a living donor training session. We heard moving testimonies and debunked several myths about living donation. It was so informative and enlightening.

The final push was an interaction with an Ascension parishioner. She told me that by letting someone give me their kidney, what I was really doing was giving them the opportunity to be Christ.

Abundant graces would come from this amazing gift of life – for both of us. How could I deny that from happening?

“Don’t forget to do good and to share what you have because God is pleased with these kinds of sacrifices.” Hebrews 13:16

If you feel called to get tested to become an organ donor, start the process by calling (913) 945-6929. There are many lives to save.

At 28 years old, Amy Reinhardt has been an Ascension parishioner for over half her life. She led Disciples Dwelling and was heavily involved in the young adult ministry up until getting diagnosed with end-stage renal disease. She strives to radiate Christ’s light and love to all who are blessed to know her. If you’d like to read Amy’s health updates: