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Summer in your Home and Neighborhood

Indian Creek Trail: You are probably already aware that this 26-mile trail weaves through most of Johnson county.  Find new ways to use this resource with your family.  Parents might run together with teens, with younger siblings on bikes or scooters, or with littles in strollers.  Explore nature along the trail; make interesting stops; count bunny sightings or flower varieties.

Geocaching: first, get the app.  Second, enjoy the excitement of finding geocached treasure!

Game Night: Sometimes the classics are the best.  Share a game that you played as a child.

Crafts: Craft ideas can be simple, quick, and inexpensive … or elaborate and involved! For older kids, venture beyond glue and paper.  Make slime, jewelry, bath bombs, complicated origami, or a canvas painting.  Checkout online tutorials or library books to gather ideas and information.