Young Adult Ministry

Though technology is there to connect us to our Church and its people, we need real contact more than ever. Through Instagram and Facebook and this website, we look to draw young adults to the Gospel message. Through these programs below, young adults will flourish in community and fellowship through the Holy Spirit.

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Our new podcast resource guide is created and will have new content added all the time. Have a question, come find the answer and find a new favorite podcast

This group has an important tie to the papal encyclical Laudato Si, however our direction is unique. This is a set or outings where we can discover God’s beauty in our local community. With a focus on the local church, the local agriculture, local businesses, and local charities, we will grow in faith and fellowship and gain a greater knowledge and appreciation of our common home. First event is 4/23/22 as we head to the famers market.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” — Matthew 18:20
Who We Are: Passionate group of Catholic young adults, aged 21-35 Where We Meet: Outside Youth Room at Church of the Ascension When & What Time: Thursday evenings starting at 7:00 p.m. What We Do: We discuss upcoming Sunday Mass readings followed by a fellowship activity — with occasional DD functions during weekends.

Public Divinity brings Beauty and Truth to our community through the many creative gifts that God gave to its people at Church of the Ascension. We support each other in our own artistic endeavors and also align our efforts to bring an impact to our local culture and church. All are welcome so bring someone. Please check out our next Audience on One Film Club where we take in a quality flick with some popcorn and then discuss our thoughts and implications with our faith.

True Love is a set of offerings that focus on all themes of Theology of the Body as it pertains to young adults. We partner with Finding Adam and Finding Eve Ministries to deliver some great chances to dig deep into what God is calling you to and also helps in connecting young adults with each other. True Food gathers around a meal to fill you up literally while feeding your soul with good conversation, Game of Love and Table for 8 which are social singles events to have fun and meet people, and the TRUE LOVE program is for dating couples who desire mentoring before engagement.

Parables in Pubs connects young adults locally. The game plan won’t be the same every time we meet, but it will always create space to join in and get to know others who are Catholic or who are interested in learning more. A great time to invite a friend who is starting the road to something deeper. Click here to learn more.

These programs need adults who have said yes to a message they heard during the mass. If you are interested in bringing this young adult generation closer to Jesus and heaven then please email or call 913-681-7683