Praying for Humility [during a pandemic]

Humility Humility is the virtue by which a Christian acknowledges that God is the author of all good. it is a necessary virtue because one cannot know Jesus or be conformed to the likeness of Jesus without the virtue of humility. Humility is annexed to the Cardinal Virtue of temperance; it moderates pride, vanity, and […]

If the Church is not Crying

If the Church is not Crying… Rewind your imagination to a pre-pandemic Sunday morning Mass at Ascension. Feel the bustle of bodies squishing into the already-full pews. See a mother straighten her daughter’s hair bow, a father remind his son to genuflect, or a grandmother remove her grandchild from an elbow-deep plunge into the baptismal […]

Mind, Mask, & Heart

Facemasks Facemasks have become a symbol of the pandemic, and — unfortunately in some cases — a symbol of angst, anger, and division. If you passionately fall on one side the mask debate, fear not — the Ascension Family Life Ministry will not attempt to sway your personal mask-wearing philosophy. Nevertheless, public mask-wearing does influence […]