True Food

Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of the one who sent me and to finish his work.”

John 4:34

Who doesn’t love food and the love that is tasted when a loved one pours love in to making a dish. Even if the dish is a bowl of oatmeal, one can savor the care that has gone into that breakfast meal. It is in this setting that we talk about love and all the ways that we can experience and learn about His divine plan for us. As we explore our relationship with God and His hope for us in our relationships, it is done in community. This mission has a hope of its one day to spread to more and more small gatherings in discussing the wondrous and righteous plans God has for us.

Fundamentally we seek to find true love and fulfillment amidst this hook up culture.

UnMarried: Right Relationships Formation Series Topics
Session 1- Created For Love- Purpose of Life Sept 2019
Session 2- Giving vs. Using – Foundation of Love Oct 2019
Session 3- True Love & Friendship- Chastity Nov 2019
Session 4– Masculinity & Femininity Feb 2020
Session 5- One Flesh Union – Vocation & Marriage Mar 2020
Session 6- Finding Adam, Finding Eve- Courtship Apr 2020

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