The Dust in my Home

By Liz Whitehead

In my Ascension “Enflame” small group, we are reading and discussing Into His Likeness, by Edward Sri. I’ve drawn parallels to what I’m reading and what is happening in my home.

Sri explains how Jewish disciples gained more from their rabbi than just “book knowledge”. “Disciples were expected to follow their rabbi so closely that they would be covered with their master’s whole way of thinking, living and acting.” They followed so closely that they would “cover (themselves) in the dust of his feet and drink in his words thirstily.” 

This got me thinking about the dust I’m covering my family with. How am I thinking, living and acting?

With two kids home from college, three home from school and a husband working from home, our home is quite literally covered in dust (and dishes and laundry). And, we are also literally following each other around the house out of sheer boredom! 

I am definitely no rabbi! But, is the dust I’m covering my children and husband in filled with an attitude of joy, gratitude and forgiveness? 

And, whose dust is covering me? Am I following our Lord close enough, so that His dust can fall on me? Am I spending enough time with Him in prayer and word during this time that His dust, in turn, can become dust for my family?

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