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Summer 2023 Youth Faith Formation

June 13th – June 23rd, 2023 

8:30am to 12:30pm

*See Requirements Below*

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Our intensive Summer Youth Faith Formation Program is open to all incoming 1st, 3rd – 6th Graders (No 2nd Grade) who are parishioners at Ascension.  It’s a great program filled with activities, learning, faith experience and field trips.  When signing up for our two week intensive program we ask that 1) participants attend each day and if they cannot make it all 4 hours each day then please register during the year; 2) parents and kids attend 2 “in-person” enrichment sessions* and 2 “outside” enrichment activities during the year; and 3) To attend Sunday Mass throughout the year. 

We believe that parents are the primary formators of their child’s faith.  While we love this Intensive Summer Program we also know that two weeks of formation does not make a faithful follower of Christ.  Growing and maturing in faith is about intentionally incorporating it into your everyday life.   

Volunteer Catechists and Aides are needed to make this program happen. 

Registration begins March 1st 

Deadline: May 8th 

**What We are Asking This Year***

Parent Meeting with William before Summer YFF.  


For any questions about this program please call the YFF Office at 913-681-7683.