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“I was in prison, and you came to visit me.”  Matt 25:36 

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Ascension began this ministry 15 years ago and now we do more than we ever thought possible.  And we have parishioners from several different parishes.We do visits to the Jo Co Jails 2 times a week, the juvenile facility one time a week and Wyandotte Jail 2 time a week.  We provide Catholic Bibles to the inmates when requested, Catechism Books, celebrate a Communion Service and do one on one visits as requested.  We get a priest to visit the inmates when available for Reconciliation and visits.  We provide the jails with used books for the libraries.  We distribute Catholic pamphlets and other materials as allowed and needed.  We also serve the ex offenders with ID’s, bus passes, underwear and Christmas Gifts through “Turnaround”, a ministry supported through the Diocese of KC, MO.  We are also doing a “letter writing mentor” program.  

The St. Dismas Prison Outreach is in dire need of volunteers for this expanding ministry.  We are looking for volunteers to cover both in prison visits as well as opportunities in other areas of this ministry outside the prison walls.

Become part of an exciting and successful program that changes lives.  The program is “Mentoring 4 Success”.  You can share the Gospel of Hope through correspondence with an inmate and/or you can become a mentor upon release. 

*****Or you could have your children make a card (either a classroom makes cards, SOR class or at home!)  Include statements of hope, Bible verses, drawn pictures  , etc.  Please only on cardstock or construction paper and colored pencils or markers only.  No Crayons! No staples!  First names only.

 Here are different activities we currently are engaged in,  Contact Jean in the office for more info.


Activity   Audience Description
Bread of Life  





Adult Men & Women





·         Olathe Detention Center – Tuesdays 12:30-1:30 PM

·         Gardner Detention Center – Wednesdays 12:30-1:30 PM & 1:30-2:30 PM in Maximum pods


·         JDC (915 W. Spruce) – Saturdays 7:00-8:00 PM


Bread of Life Adult Men



·         Wyandotte County Detention – alternating Tuesdays 3:00-4:00 PM
Mentoring4Success Adult Men & Women



Mentor matches done by KS DOC. Lansing for men, Topeka for women and juveniles.
Angel Tree Children of the incarcerated


This program provides Christmas gifts to children of incarcerated parents
Compassionate Correspondence Adult Men & Women This is a service within Mentoring4Success that matches local mentors with incarcerated men housed in distant facilities but releasing to the KC metro area. Mentor meetings are done via letters, JPay, and/or Skype prior to release.


Leavenworth Military Prison


Adult Men US Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth
CCA Prison


Adult Men Private federal prison in Leavenworth.
Shawnee County Detention Center


Adult Men & Women Topeka jail
Lansing State Prison


Adult Men RCIA classes have been supported in the recent past.
Adult Residential Center


Adult Men & Women This is a work release program at New Century.


  1. Bread of Life – is a Communion Service adapted from the Service Manual for Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers which includes distribution of Holy Eucharist to “good-standing” Catholics. We read scripture and discuss after the service and we take written prayer petitions to be posted on web sites and place in adoration chapels. Sometimes there is a “movie night” at the Juvenile Detention Center with beverages and light snack
  2. Mentoring4Success (Compassionate Correspondence) – is administered by the Kansas Department of Corrections. There is a 4-hour training program and then mentor coordinators match the mentor with a mentee. The goal is to visit regularly for the last six months prior to the mentee release and maintain reentry support for at least six months post release
  3. Angel Tree – is sponsored by Prison Fellowship and seeks to provide Christmas presents to the children of incarcerated men and women.
  4. Leavenworth Military Prison – programs in development.
  5. CCA Private Federal Prison – programs in development.
  6. Shawnee County Detention Center – programs in development.
  7. Lansing State Prison – programs in development.

For more information contact Jean Hinman at the parish office  913-681-3348 or

Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Click here for link to Ascensions end the death penalty post


Don’t miss out! !

This is a pivotal year for repeal in Kansas.  We tried very hard to get our bill passed last session, but we were blocked at every turn.  We could not even get a committee hearing!  Everyone knew we had the votes for passage in the House and that fact was a major reason we were denied a hearing.  While we were blocked, our neighbor, Nebraska, passed a repeal bill in their unicameral legislature.

It goes without saying that we are very happy for Nebraska and are resolved that in Kansas, we cannot let blocking and stonewalling happen again.

Besides needing to bring the death penalty to an end in Kansas for our own reasons, Kansas needs to send the message that we stand with Nebraska and the American heartland is behind repeal of the death penalty.  That strong message will have a national impact.