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Week One: Servant of God Julia Greeley

Julia was born into slavery in Missouri sometime in the 1830s-50s and died in 1918.

A daily communicant, she fasted regularly and sought out others who needed anything: food, wood, coal, mattresses, a baby stroller, or a doll.

Reading her remarkable life reminds us that we can always give to others in need, even if we are giving from our own poverty.

Servant of God Julia Greeley, pray for us!

Week 2: Servant of God Dorothy Day

Dorothy was born in Brooklyn in 1897 and died in 1980.

She had an abortion and later, she and her common-law husband had a surprise pregnancy and a daughter, and the relationship ultimately ended when she and her daughter chose to be baptized Catholic.

She co-founded the Catholic Worker Movement, working to bring the poor and suffering and homeless into the public eye for Catholics.

She teaches us to reach out to those who need to hear from a loving, faith filled woman who understands sins and struggles, believing in the dignity of every person.

Servant of God Dorothy Day, pray for us!

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