Play Groups

In order to promote socially-distanced (ish!) play, we are hosting outdoor play groups this year. More information will be posted on the MOYC Facebook group page.

We will be having our first MOYC play date on Thursday, September 17th at 9:00am at I-Lan Park in Leawood.  This playdate is as much for the moms as it is the kids, so come even if you have only a big kid or tiny newborn with you.  We just want to see your beautiful faces out and about! 

Text or call Cindy Bowers, the playdate coordinator, at 913-530-7558 that morning if you plan to make it so she can keep an eye out for you.    
For the foreseeable future, all playdates will be outside to help prevent the spread of COVID.  

If you are not a part of our MOYC Facebook group and would like to be, please do the following steps. We are a private page, so you aren’t able to search to join the group.

  1. Friend request “Emily Mayer”
  2. Send Emily a message through Facebook or email ( and let her know you are not on the MOYC group.
  3. Emily will add you to the group and once it gets “approved” you should be able to see any “MOYC at Ascension” Facebook posts.

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