Meals for Moms

Meals for Moms aims to support our members by way of providing meals when a family welcomes a new baby or  during times of stress/illness/unforeseen challenges. MOYC will set up a meal train based on the needs of the family and then it will be shared to the entire MOYC community via Facebook and the weekly newsletter for members to sign up. If you are expecting a baby, please let us know the month you’re due and Jane will reach out the month prior to coordinate a meal train. Also, please reach out to MOYC directly if you or someone you know would like a meal train set up should you or another member need some extra support this year (for any reason!). Meals for moms is an easy way for us to support each other on our motherhood journey, and combined with our prayers and fellowship, aims to help us build community during good times and bad. You can contact Jane DeThorne for more information!

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