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If you are struggling to lead your family through a social-shutdown and an ever-evolving pandemic, then you are not alone! Find personal perspectives and reflections penned by our very own Ascension Parish Moms. Join us for authentic conversation, and contagious faith.

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The Ascension Family Life Ministry is exploring some of the temporary changes to our church community and liturgy. In this series, we acknowledge what we have lost (grief), we give thanks for what we have (gratitude), and we accept our current situation — even when we would not choose it for ourselves (grace). If you are struggling to come to terms with the “new-normal” while helping your children navigate our Church’s changes, then this series is for you!

Ascension families begins with the healing process and the higher call. We acknowledge what we’ve lost; we give thanks for what we have, and we accept our current Covid reality.
Facemasks have become a symbol of the pandemic, and — unfortunately in some cases — a symbol of angst, anger, and division.  Even though mask-wearing is not technically a change to our liturgy, it is perhaps one of the most felt changes to our experience of Mass and community.
Perhaps your experience of separation from the Eucharist has renewed your devotion. Or, perhaps what you expected of yourself — how you thought you would feel and respond — has not occurred as you anticipated.  The logistical aspects of how we receive Holy Communion have changed. Perhaps those changes affect you more (and less!) than you think.

Sarah Streitwieser finds her family (and herself!) a bit lax in practicing the postures of Mass at home. When exactly are we supposed to kneel again? Mom Blog gets resourceful with this home-Mass guide.
Melissa Hanks connects every mother’s go-to phrase, “Be careful!” with Sacred Scripture’s go-to phrase, “Be not afraid.” Melissa shares how she longs for Jesus’ True Presence, only to find Him truly present in the palm of her hand.
Jamie Kahm gives an open, honest, and grace-filled account of her struggle through stay-at-home orders, and finds freedom in failing to be anyone other than herself. Join Jamie as she discovers that there is no one-size-fits all approach to holiness or motherhood during a pandemic!
Mom Blog gets Fatherly with special guest blogger, Fr. Tom Tank! His open letter of encouragement to mothers is the dose of mercy you need on Divine Mercy Sunday!
Erin Waters — a wife, mother, and hurricane survivor! — shares the meaning behind the message of Divine Mercy and explores the theme of trust amidst difficult circumstances.
Whether you date back to the era of SOR or are currently enrolled in YFF, chances are that you’ve enjoyed up-beat faith of Tricia Baldwin! Join her on a journey toward value-centered mothering.
Liz Whitehead — an amazing mother of 5 amazing kids — shares a reflection about the dust in her home and encourages all moms to put cleaning products aside and keep things dusty!
Marissa Brown shares a personal journey through Psalm 23. With an honest acceptance of the dark valley, she turns her eyes to her Shepherd and experiences resurrected hope
Join Jamie Kahm — a gracious girl-mom of 3 — as she shares her own journey in Liturgical living. Inside, find simple ways to celebrate Easter for all 50 days!
This post is not about Michael Scott. (Okay, maybe it is a little bit about Michael Scott). Anne Baumert — a wife and mom to two little lovelies — shares an intimate account of her call to remain in Christ
Jennifer Schultz — a mom, wife, and doctor (currently moonlighting as a teacher, cook, coach, and therapist) — shares how the pandemic has re-shaped her outlook. Join her for an honest look at the high-demand schedule of a working mom.
Ali Lomshek — a mom, school counselor, and photographer — zooms in on faith, beauty, and self care as she explores how to see “macro” in a time of quarantine.
Join Erin Waters — a wife, catechist, and mother of 3 littles — as she contemplates the definition of “essential,” and finds her answer in authentic humility.
Take a tour of Sarah Streitwieser’s footprint littered home and join her in contemplating the call to wash the feet of family members during this unique season.
The disciples slept through their final opportunity to be fully present with Jesus before his arrest. Now that we are separated from receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, might we look back at our own spiritual lives and discover that we have also been sleeping?

Join Corey Grace — an amazingly insightful mother of 7 — as she connects the themes in her current reading list, which includes everything from Sacred Scripture to Dr. Seuss.
Erin Simmons — a wife and beautiful mother to 4 young children — shares an intimate account of her sorrow and call to surrender, living separate from the Eucharist.
Melisa Hanks — a homeschooling mom of 4 (yes, she was homeschooling BEFORE the pandemic!) — gives a heartfelt reflection on Eucharistic Adoration and absence.
Mom Blog wants to hear YOUR perspective. Share you submissions by emailing Sarah at Click the link for ideas and details.
Join Mandy Menghini — an all-star mom of 7 and trained catechist — as she explores the Parable of Leaven in her own spiritual life and gently challenges other moms to do the same.
Are you struggling to engage your family in digital Mass? The Ascension Family Life Ministry offers a top-12 list of ideas to help you navigate this new spiritual terrain.
Join Marissa Brown –an Ascension Parishioner, wife, and mother to 4 children — as she unpacks redemptive suffering in the context of family life.
Join Sarah Streitwieser — a wife and mother of 5 — as she reflects on the Feminine Genius and the something-from-nothing creative charism of “ordinary” women.

All who are interested in contributing articles are welcomed and encouraged to do so. Please email submissions to Sarah at More information about sharing your post can be found here. If you are not inclined toward writing, we would still love for you to join the conversation by posting your comments after the articles.


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