Communion of the Holy Family – Dcn. Kris Kuckelman

Dcn. Kris Kuckelman’s Homily December 27, 2020 “Today we celebrate the Holy Family, Jesus Mary and Joseph and in particular we contemplate the early years, their hidden life in Nazareth between Jesus’ infancy and the beginning of his public ministry. We call this the hidden life because we don’t know much about it from scripture, […]

The Epiphany of the Lord

Sarah Streitwieser The life of Christ is riddled with apparent contradictions — not with “either-or” discrepancies that disprove the narrative, but with “both-and” realities that expand it. When we contemplate Christ, we often tend to gravitate toward familiarity rather than embracing wonder. Most of us are comfortable with the story of Christmas morning, but what […]

Remembering Fr. Charles

Child of Bethlehem Jesus, Child of Bethlehem,Come within our hearts again.Restore our childlike spirit, LordAnd touch the Child within. Innocent Babe, perfect, pure,Inspire new penitence.Mercy and forgiveness bring,Restore our innocence. Show us how much we are loved,Give peace, all fear destroy.Touch the child within us, Lord,Fill us with childlike joy. Knowing that your love for […]

The Year of St. Joseph – Dcn. John Stanley

Dcn. John Stanley’s Homily December 27, 2020 “Today is the third day of this octave of Christmas and we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. Yesterday on the 26th, the day after Christmas, we celebrated (if you can call it a celebration) the feast of the martyrdom of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr […]