Ken & Kathy Jennison’s Eucharistic Witness

Ken & Kathy Jennison’s

Eucharistic Witness

Ken & Kathy Jennison

My wife Kathy and I have our Adoration hour from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Friday evenings. While the new chapel was being built, we attended Adoration on Thursday evenings in the church. There were two remarkable instances that happened to me (Ken) during our visit with Jesus. One night, as I was looking at Jesus in the center of the monstrance, it did not appear to me to be a circle with the host enclosed. Rather, it appeared to me more as the shape of an eye. This really made sense to me since Jesus was looking out at me, and everyone else who was there.

The other instance (on a separate night we were there), I became aware of immediately as I genuflected before Jesus in the monstrance. It was simply this: as I looked at the Eucharist, I could see the shape of a heart with a cross embedded in the center of it. I was blessed to be able to see that two weeks in a row. I could not help but stare and contemplate on the significance of what I was seeing. My wife looks forward to this as a date night with Jesus like a lover awaits her beloved.

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