It’s In Giving – Fr. Viet Nguyen

Fr. Viet Nguyen’s Homily January 19, 2020

“In today’s Gospel, John testifies to the Lord.  He says, ‘Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world’ and so too we hear that when the priest holds up the Body of Christ, but do we really know it’s him?  Can we really say the same words that John the Baptist said and believe it? How? How can we continue to grow in our relationship with God. We’ve all been given the gift of baptism, but it really is through giving that we continue to receive the gift of God in our life.  At this moment and this Mass we will have the Archbishop’s call to share video shown right now.

(Following video) So the Archbishop’s Call to Share helps many people, but it’s calling us to give of our abundance, but in the same way as the Archbishop said, every Mass is a reflection of that that we bring the first Harvests to the altar.  So today, and every day that you come to Mass bring your gifts, bring your sacrifices to the Lord and see what is returned to you in your life.”