How Does He Do It? – Fr. Viet Nguyen

Fr. Viet Nguyen’s Homily February 6, 2021

“Are you dedicated or are you just a spectator? Are you invested or are you just going to be a spectator? Tomorrow is the Superbowl. I don’t know if you knew that, but sometimes I find it interesting with sports and I can’t help but think about it since we are in the Superbowl, but are you gonna be dedicated or are you just going to be a spectator? In sports some people really get into it. They know the stats. They know the players. They know the background stories. Even in the news they like to create stories because people like stories about people. They’re dedicated. They’re inspired. They want to know more, but even when they watch it almost feels like they are there with them and then there are those who are just spectators. You could care less or not. They’re kind of fair weather fans. Just because we’re in the Superbowl let’s put on a shirt. Have you ever wondered how Mahomes does what he does as a quarterback? It’s quite amazing what he does, the trust he has in his line that he can move, control his body, yet still see the field as it is. Have you ever wondered how does he do it? I have and I think most people on ESPN has, but we’re not here to talk about football, we’re here to talk about Christ.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus continues to heal the people. He heals Peter’s mother, but not only that, he continues to heal the people of every ailment. Have you ever wondered how does he do it? How does he do these things, Jesus, the God-man, how does he do this? He tells us, he really gives us an example of how he does it in the scriptures today. There’s many times during this, yes he’s active in his ministry, but he always takes time for prayer. Even Jesus, the son of God, he takes time for prayer, to step away, to build his relationship with God and really he’s showing us the root of how he does it, Jesus the son of God it’s that it’s through his relationship with the father, that’s how he does it. So, today and every other day, are you going to commit to your faith or are you going to be a spectator? Christ is already risen and the glory is always better if you commit because it inspires you. It moves you. Not only that, but you see yourself there with them and it brings out more things within yourself than you ever knew. That is the glory of God within each one of our lives, so I ask you once again within your own faith, will you be a spectator or will you fully commit as Jesus Christ has? Amen.”