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Getting to Know Becky Wright

Getting to Know our Pastoral Associates

Hello, Ascension Community!  I am one of the Pastoral Associates for the Church of the Ascension. I have been the proud principal here at Ascension Catholic School for 14 years, and it has been a joy to witness the spiritual and academic growth of our students during that time. I am blessed to live out my vocation of partnering with parents and teachers to guide children to friendship with Jesus and ultimately to heaven. 

My journey in the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas started more than 25 years ago as a fifth grade teacher. Flowing from that experience, I felt called to administration and eventually God’s plan brought me to Ascension. This is my home away from home, and Ascension means so much to me as an educator and as a parent. My husband and I have been fortunate to have all three of our children graduate from Ascension and move on to St. Thomas Aquinas. With the strong Catholic and academic foundation from our archdiocesan schools my children are now seeking greater adventures at three different colleges.   

I am grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside families, students, and teachers in this community as we grow together in faith. Every day I am able to share my faith and learn from our students. Outside of school I serve as a lector and Eucharistic minister; I also treasure my quiet time with Jesus in my weekly Adoration hour.

I would like to thank Fr. Gary for trusting in me to be a part of the Parish Leadership Team.  As the leader of the largest ministry at the Church, I do not take my responsibility lightly.  I feel it is my job to lean on my faith even more for guidance to lead both staff and students in a faith-filled academic environment. I look forward to continuing to work with Fr. Gary and the other Pastoral Associates in helping Church of the Ascension grow in discipleship through evangelization.

There are so many awesome things happening in our Ascension community. I would encourage everyone to explore the bulletin and various sign-ups and reflect on how you might become more involved. You will be blessed in ways you can’t begin to imagine!

Getting to Know our Pastoral Associates:

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Pastoral Associate for Adult Faith Formation
Sharon Weems
Pastoral Associate for Administration and Outreach
William O’Leary
Pastoral Associate for Youth Faith Formation
Ray Martin
Pastoral Associate for Communications and Parish Life

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