Family Summer Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy some holy Summer Fun!

The family with the best pictures and summary of how their hunt went (don’t have to do it all in one day) gets a special prize.

Below are clues of Catholic parishes in the Kansas City Metro! 

DUE DATE: August 17th.  Submit them with your family name and a summary of your experiences to 

1. My feast is celebrated by the Universal Church in the month of June each year.  It celebrates my heart which loves you and your family so much!!! Find a statue (there are many in town) and take 5 minutes to pray for the various needs, concerns, wants, desires you have that you want to offer to me.  

2. This is the mother parish of the Archdiocese named after our first pope.  Take a picture at this location and pray One Our Father, One Hail Mary and One Glory Be for our Spiritual Shepherd, Archbishop Naumann 

3. Mass is celebrated in Latin at this church every day. Did you know Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church?  This parish is named after an American Saint. Find a prayer named after this saint and pray it while you are at this site.

To discover interesting facts about why the official language of the Catholic Church is Latin go here

4. A vision Pope St. Leo XIII had of Jesus and Satan caused him to ask the universal church to pray this special prayer.  Pray this “spiritual battle” prayer that millions all around the world pray daily.  Find the statue of him at this parish located in Leawood (pray the prayer at the statue).  

5. In Olathe this parish has a state of the Holy Family in their circle drive.  Pray a pray for the holy family to guide and protect your family and all Catholic Families during this time!

6. Jesus spoke to St. Faustina to promote this special devotion to Him.  Pray at least one decade of this devotion (if not the whole chaplet) and take a picture in front of this statue that’s in front of this church.  This parish is South on I-35 not too far away.  

7.  This parish in Shawnee is named after the earthly father of Jesus who was the head of the Holy Family and protected the two most important people in the New Testament.  Take a picture with Him in front of this parish and pray the litany written in his name while at this parish.