Eucharistic Ministers-Homebound, Assisted Living and Hospital

Ministry of Care Heart

Spiritual Work of Mercy: Pray for the Living and the dead

Corporal Work of Mercy:  Care for the SickCommunion

We provide prayers and Holy Communion at least 2 times a week in all of the assisted living facilities within our borders and to the homebound. One of our priests visits to celebrate Mass or Sacrament of the Sick every other month, and  we try to gather the residents who are our Parishioners once a week for a communal prayer service with Holy Communion.

We offer Holy Communion daily at St Luke’s South.

We are in need of EMHC’s to help with assisted living facilities, homebounders and hospital. We seek out our Parishioners and provide a prayer and distribute Holy Communion. Historically we each take the same day of the month (for instance the 2nd Tuesday)and that stays the same every month.  Some choose to serve more than 1 day a month.

We NEED you!


If you tell me when you are available, I will slot you in.  The greatest part of this ministry is it flexible as to time.  Sundays are pretty routine, but you could do Sat.  I will hook you up to shadow someone.  If you want something place specific like ONLY HOMEBOUND or a specific assisted living or only hospital, tell me that too.  Thanks!  Jean

All of these day slots are one on one visits with our Parishioners, which means you can go at your convenience anytime during your slotted day.  And the day you go on is not written in stone.  The facilities have a binder with the list of Parishioners and their room numbers at the front desks.  Please contact Jean in the office if interested in this very rewarding outreach.  If you have children, this could be a lovely family activity.  If another day fits your schedule better I will “team you up” with the other EMHC going and you can split the load!  Contact Jean in the office for more info.  You must be a commissioned EMHC at Ascension to participate in this ministry.  Next training/commissioning is TBA

If you can help in this ministry, contact Jean in the office for open slots.