Easter Blessings!

My Dear People of Church of the Ascension, 

Easter blessings! It seems strange to write those words in the midst of the pandemic. But maybe those words are needed more today than in previous days. We live in a time of uncertainty for everyone and anxiety for many. In the midst of that we celebrate Easter. 

But what are we celebrating as we observe this annual holy day? Certainly it is not just another day made special with some beautiful decorations, a few flowers and a special meal. No, it is so much more than that. Easter is at the very heart of our faith relationship with God. Without Easter there is no salvation, no eternal life and ultimately no hope. 

Jesus’ death on the cross proves His love for each of us and His willingness to die for the forgiveness of all our sins. But His death does not complete the act of redemption. We are redeemed through both the death and resurrection of the Lord. St. Paul says it so bluntly: “If Christ has not risen, we are the most pitiable of men.” The resurrection of Jesus dramatically accomplishes the completion of salvation. Death is conquered, sin is overcome, eternal life is given both for now and forever. Because Christ has risen from the dead we all have the promise of life everlasting. 

So in the midst of this pandemic it is important for us to celebrate Easter, not just as a nice day of festivity, but as the celebration of the newness of life that is ours. We need hope in the midst of uncertainty and anxiety, and Jesus Risen gives us that confident hope. Nothing can conquer us not even death itself. And so we live each day with the assurance that Christ is always with us. “I am with you always until the end of the world”. 

May this Easter bring strength to each of us as we face the challenges of these strange days. May the Risen Lord bring us comfort and peace knowing that through His death and resurrection we are truly victorious. The victory is ours in Christ Jesus. Easter Blessings! 

Fr. Tom, Fr. Viet and Fr. Charles