Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Update 6/15/20

In light of the concern over the spread of the coronavirus, Archbishop Naumann has issued the following statement regarding reopening Mass in the Archdiocese which can be read at

  • The Archbishop’s dispensation from Sunday obligation continues, so no one is expected or required to come to Mass. In fact, many should NOT attend especially those who are experiencing any fever, respiratory issues or other virus symptoms, those who are in the vulnerable group because of age or health issues, and those who are anxious about gathering in large groups. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND. We will continue to live stream a weekend and daily Mass each day.
  • It is very important that physical distancing (six feet) be maintained especially in the pews between families and when in line to receive Holy Communion. There will be markings on the floor of the aisles to help people recognize where to stand to be six feet away from the person in front of you.
  • Please wear a mask throughout the whole Mass. This is for the safety of others as well as yourself. See the video above regarding receiving Holy Communion with a mask.
  • When you come to church for Mass or personal prayer time please bring a large towel, sheet or throw to cover the pew in front of you. The church has been sanitized, but extra precaution is necessary for you and for those who come after you. Take it home and wash and bring it back the next time.
  • Enter and exit only through the front doors of the gathering area and church. All doors should be open so there will be no need to touch handles.
  • After Mass please visit in the parking lot, not in the church or gathering area.
  • In addition to our regular Mass schedule we will have communion brought out to the parking lot while the Mass airs on radio each Saturday evening at 4:30pm for those who wish to attend, but do not feel comfortable coming into the church building.
  • This is a time of trial and error for us so we may have to make adjustments and will email you with any changes.

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