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Coming Soon: Communio

Attention Ascension Parishioners:

Our parish is engaging in an exciting partnership with an organization called Communio that will help us plan new events, experiences, and ministries for the coming year. Help us serve you by helping us get a better sense of the unique challenges and opportunities facing our parish and YOU, our parishioners. Click the button below to take our 90-second survey. It’s anonymous and will help our leadership team greatly as we work to serve and support you in growing closer to our Lord Jesus.

Some Sobering Facts:

  • Americans — especially younger Americans — are falling away from faith at alarming rates. The primary factor behind this mass exodus from religion appears to be the collapse in family structure.

    Percentage Claiming No Religion (the “Nones”):
  • Millennials from married homes are 78% more likely to attend church than peers from unmarried homes. A parents’ marriage has a massive, lifelong impact on whether their kids practice Christianity as adults. Those from married homes across the last three generations regularly attend church at nearly the same rate.
  • Faith is Falling Because the Family is in Freefall
  • Catholic marriages in the U.S. have drastically decreased since 1970.
19702021% Change
426,30997,20077% Decrease

Partnering with Communio:

Our parish is partnering with Communio, a nonprofit that consults with parishes, equipping them with proven strategies and technologies to solve our nation’s family and faith crisis. Communio will help Ascension by providing a proven strategic framework, 21st century data tools, and a ministry game plan that will help us put members of our parish – and those in our surrounding community – onto a journey toward healthier relationships. They will help us select, promote, and run large, attractional community outreach events that flow people into ongoing engagement, and ultimately into skill-based relationship ministry. Our hope is that it will better equip our parish to run a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry™ that strengthens marriages, grows our church, and transforms our community.  We will introduce this initiative and ask for your participation at all Masses this weekend.