By Another Way – Fr. Gary Pennings

Fr. Gary Pennings’ Homily January 2, 2022 “It’s kind of an epiphany tradition to announce the upcoming special dates to the liturgical year because Christmas always points toward the culmination of Jesus as incarnation, which is the passion, death and resurrection for it is by that action that we are saved. So we traditionally announce […]

Consecrate Your Family – Fr. Mohan Bathineni

Fr. Mohan Bathineni’s Homily December 26, 2021 “Dear friends in Jesus in the Gospel, we find child Jesus among the teachers of the law in the Temple of Jerusalem, asking them questions and answering their questions. People around are said to be astounded that he has wisdom, knowledge and understanding. How come he’s so wise, […]

Born Into A Family – Fr. Gary Pennings

Fr. Gary Pennings’ Homily December 26, 2021 “Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas, one of the two great feasts of the church year, Christmas and Easter, everything else kind of revolves around those two things: Christmas, the beginning of our salvation, the mystery of God becoming flesh, we bow every Sunday during the creed when we get […]