Together In Marriage – Fr. Mohan Bathineni

Fr. Mohan Bathineni’s Homily October 3, 2021 “Dear friends in Jesus, a woman whose husband had died went to a local news office and asked, ‘What does it cost me to have an obituary in your weekend edition?’ ‘It is $100 for five words.’ Answered the clerk. ‘Do you have any discounts?’ She questioned, ‘because all I […]

Divine Generosity – Fr. Gary Pennings

Fr. Gary Pennings’ Homily September 26, 2021 “The readings today present both invitation and warning. Invitation I would way to generosity both receiving generously and giving generously and a warning I think to what you might call a lack of generosity, a turning in on one’s self. It’s really a warning against the effects of […]

Biblical Love – Fr. Gary Pennings

Fr. Gary Pennings’ Homily September 19, 2021 “The readings today address a common human condition, ambition. Now I don’t mean ambition in the sense of being motivated and not being lazy, that’s a good kind of ambition. I mean ambition that is selfish, ambition that elevates one’s own accomplishments and achievements above all else and […]

What We’re Called To Be – Fr. Gary Pennings

Fr. Gary Pennings’ Homily September 12, 2021 “‘Who do people say that I am?’ Jesus asked. And then more directly looking at the disciples he says, ‘Who do you say that I am?’ Who am I to you? You see, Jesus asked this probing question because understanding who Jesus is matters. It truly matters. When […]

We Learn To Let Go – Fr. Viet Nguyen

Fr. Viet Nguyen’s Homily September 11, 2021 “In religion class a teacher told me, ‘There’s two questions that you will continue to ask yourselves throughout your whole life, two fundamental questions in our lives for when you’re a high schooler, grade schooler up until really your death.’ These two questions are who am I and […]