6 Feet Apart

Six Feet Apart Rewind your imagination to a pre-pandemic Sunday morning Mass at Ascension. You enter the sanctuary and see unmasked faces smiling, singing, or whispering hushed instructions to wiggling children. You feel the bustle of bodies squishing into already-full pews. You share the sign of peace with an open hand and heart. After Mass […]

If the Church is not Crying

If the Church is not Crying… Rewind your imagination to a pre-pandemic Sunday morning Mass at Ascension. Feel the bustle of bodies squishing into the already-full pews. See a mother straighten her daughter’s hair bow, a father remind his son to genuflect, or a grandmother remove her grandchild from an elbow-deep plunge into the baptismal […]

What is in the Offering?

There are two principle components of each Mass: the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. (For well informed YFF, Homeschool, or ACS parents — yes, there are technically 4 parts of each Mass when you include the smaller Introductory and Concluding Rites). During the first major component of Mass, the Liturgy […]

Bread of Life

Jesus in the Eucharist: After experiencing a prolonged Eucharistic fast, it is likely that you are particularly grateful for the opportunity to receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Perhaps your experience of separation has made your experience of encounter much more meaningful. Or, perhaps what you expected of yourself — what you expected to feel […]

Mind, Mask, & Heart

Facemasks Facemasks have become a symbol of the pandemic, and — unfortunately in some cases — a symbol of angst, anger, and division. If you passionately fall on one side the mask debate, fear not — the Ascension Family Life Ministry will not attempt to sway your personal mask-wearing philosophy. Nevertheless, public mask-wearing does influence […]