By Sarah Streitwieser The Joy that Mary and Joseph experience when they find Jesus in the temple is not unique to them.  Rather, it is an experience that is often repeated in the spiritual life.  We are all invited to “find” Jesus – “Seek and you shall find” (Mt. 7:7).  Sometimes we find Him already […]

Not Fully Knowing

By Sarah Streitwieser The Presentation marks another mystery in which Mary is the recipient of lively, weighty, and (presumably) unexpected conversation.   In each early moment of Jesus’s conception and birth, it seems that someone is “dropping in” on Mary with astonishing announcements or sweeping proclamations.    In the Annunciation, Mary is visited by Gabriel and asked […]


By Sarah Streitwieser Detachment is the spiritual fruit that is associated with the mystery of the Nativity.  But what exactly is detachment, and how does it differ from callousness or apathy?  Certainly the Holy Family was neither callous not apathetic, yet we can rightly assume that they were radically detached.  But what exactly does this […]

Entering In

By Sarah Streitwieser In last weeks’ blog entry I mentioned that somehow between many “failed” rosary praying attempts and regimens, I began learning this one simple fact:  the mysteries of the Rosary are not something that we are meant to master. Rather, we are called to enter into them and to let ourselves be mastered.  […]