Classes & Small Groups

Small Groups

Connecting through small groups or going deeper by studying our faith is an integral part of making our large parish a stronger community!  We accomplish this through four main avenues:


Every year, we offer a number of bible studies for adults to learn more about their faith.  Classes are typically offered in the mornings (9:30 – 11:00 AM) and the evening (7:00 – 8:30 PM).  Classes consist of a presentation (by a teacher or dvd) and small group discussion led by a facilitator.   Some classes are centered on specific books of the Bible, while others cover topics on Catholicism in general.  New offerings come out each year in the August Ascent.


Another element of Adult Faith at Ascension is the opportunity to sign up for a Small Faith Group where 8 – 12 adults gather to share their lives in light of the Gospel teachings.  Some small groups meet for a designated time, such as Lent Small Groups.  Others, such as our Men’s, Women’s or Couple’s Groups meets year-round to discuss the Sunday Mass readings and apply them to their lives.


Throughout the year, special speakers and events are scheduled at Ascension as well.  These events are great ways to learn more about our Catholic faith and a chance to invite neighbors and friends to come and learn more as well!  A Parish Mission is scheduled every other year at Ascension.


The main retreat program for Adults offered at Ascension is Christ Renews His Parish.  There are separate weekends for Men and Women and these retreats are offered twice a year (Spring and Fall) and are held at Ascension.