Lenten Ideas for All Ages


By William O’Leary


~ Attend daily Mass     ~ Pray the Rosary     ~ Take 5 minutes each day to read the Bible     ~ Limit your cell phone time     ~ Give the money you’d spend on coffee at Starbucks or Scooters and give it to a charity    ~ Volunteer your time    ~ Read a spiritual book     ~ Take 5 minutes of prayer time during your lunch break     ~ Be more attentive to the needs of those around you     ~ Work on turning a negative habit into growth in virtue     ~ Live a different Beatitude each day     ~ Write a note to a friend or family member     ~ make more time for friends and family     ~ sign up for a lenten small group     ~ resolve to be faithful in the little things     ~ fast from gossip     ~ Give up/fast from the 1 or 2 things that bring the most distraction in your life (TV, Facebook, electronics)    ~ Go to Confession monthly beginning this Lent     ~ Pray the liturgy of the hours     ~ Read the Daily Mass Readings         ~ 7 Apps to use during Lent     ~ 8 Reasons to turn out the lights during Lent


~ Foster the idea of Less (less sweets, snacks, TV time, screen time, etc)             ~ Help your child grow in prayer     ~ Sacrifice Beans     ~ Lentchain     ~ Lenten Calendar-40 Crosses     ~ 40-Acts-of-Lenten-Love-for-Children     ~ Crown of Thorns/Sacrifice     ~ Lenten Traditions to Consider     ~ Movie Suggestions 1,2,3,& 4 (not all children’s movies)    ~ Ideas from Catholicmom.com                  ~ More great ideas     ~ Stations of the Cross for Children


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The Whole Family

~ See movie ideas above     ~ Establish a no screen time each day (example: from 7pm to 8pm)     ~ Make Fridays during Lent meaningful (from meatless dinners to family time after dinner)     ~ Pray a Rosary once, twice, or each day of the week (maybe a decade or two)     ~ Go to the Stations of the Cross at the Parish on Fridays (7:00pm)     ~ Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day.     ~ A Lenten Letter to Parents         ~ 40 Activities for Families      ~ Family Altar        ~ Clean out your closet and donate clothes