KairosKairos is an AWEsome retreat for high school juniors and seniors.

THE NEXT KAIROS IS COMING SOON…stay tuned and check back often.

You must be under the age of 20 and have not already attended Kairos from any school or church.   Kairos is a student-led retreat that focuses on gaining a better understanding of God, self, and others.  Church of the Ascension has modified the program slightly from the Catholic school model to accommodate the weekend time frame and has an intentional focus on the culture that is created.  That it be Christ centered, Catholic at its core, and open to all students if they are open to the experience. Ascension also has a few programs that follow up after the retreat.
Our pricing, duration, and frequency of the retreat has changed.  Our goal is to make it more powerful, more available, more accessible, and more Kairosy.


Cost is $55 per student. Scholarships are available upon request. Please email for more information findithere@gmail.com.