Ministry Directory

Sacred Heart

With over 100 ministries to carry out our mission, it can be overwhelming to figure out where you fit in, so we categorize them into four pillars:

  1. Christ the Priest: Spirituality & Liturgy
  2. Christ the Servant: Ministries of Care
  3. Christ the Shepherd: Parish Life
  4. Christ the Teacher: Formation & Education

Please find contact information for the many parish ministries in this directory: Ministry Guide

Why Are Community Groups Important?

Relationships founded on faith help us grow and give us a sense of belonging which is why community groups are so essential to our spiritual journey.  They transform our large parish from a Sunday Mass destination to an intimate family where you form healthy relationships that help you feel at home with brothers and sisters who share common values, lift each other up and are there for one another during those challenging seasons of life.

What Are Ascension’s Community Groups?

Whatever your stage of life or area of interest, there’s a group where you can contribute and develop lasting friendships.  Please find a complete list of our ministries in our Parish Ministry Guide and links to specific web pages and sites are below.

Ministry Group Links

Knights of Columbus
Men of Ascension
Mothers of Young Children
Women of Ascension
Monday Morning Marthas
Young Marrieds
• Respect Life
• CYO-Sports
• American Heritage Girls

Please contact Ray Martin if you would like your parish ministry linked from our website.