Give of your Time & Talent

Our gift of time is precious.  It must be handled with as much care as all of our other gifts. What gifts and talents do you have? What gifts and talents can you share with your parish family? Whether it's cooking, teaching, sewing, or speaking...Church of the Ascension is a very active church community with a wide variety of opportunities for all to serve. Please prayerfully consider your Talents and what you enjoy participating in!
Share your Time and Talents!
Please click here to view the Time & Talent Gift Giving Guide.
If you need help finding your "fit" or need additional information, please contact me! There is something for everyone at Church of the Ascension!
Francie Kwapiszeski, Director of Stewardship
913-681-3348 ext. 134
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Please consider how God is calling you to serve!

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