Chapel Survey

Several times over the last couple of years parishioners have asked about the possibility of erecting a new adoration chapel, one that will accommodate more people and be more visibly located to encourage more people to share in adoration.  They have suggested this because they believe our current chapel, while very nice and usually quiet, is not well located and often not large enough for the many people who want to use it.  A second recommendation is to build a covered canopy over the church entrance which was initially planned for our church

With this in mind, the Church Renewal Committee has been meeting regarding these recommendations and is currently exploring some options.  However, before we proceed further it is important that we have input from you as parishioners.  Please fill out the following questionnaire below.   Please complete this by May 15.  Thanks for your input and your suggestions.

-Fr. Tom

The goal is to increase the seating capacity to 30-36 seats from the current 16 seats while creating an uplifting, spiritual environment that will enhance adoration.  This space would be quieter, minimizing outside noise, as well as providing improved comfort and security for those using the chapel.  An entrance canopy would provide shelter during inclement weather especially for the elderly and those with disabilities.