The Myths & Truths of Immigration

The Myths and Truths of Immigration – June 13th  

What questions do you have about immigration?  Greg Bole has worked for years with individuals seeking to become US citizens and other legal considerations immigrants encounter.  Greg will share some of his experience and answer your questions.  He comes highly recommended from individuals who heard him speak to Archbishop Naumann and his staff.  Come join us from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on June 13th  in the St. Matthew Room.  Light refreshments will be provided. 






Hot Topics Speaker Series: Immigration And Islam

Immigration and Islam: Principles for Discernment

As Catholics, we know we are expected by the teachings of the Lord to love and offer hospitality to those in need. We are also called by our Lord to protect the innocent. Do these commands create an irresolvable tension when it comes to immigration and Islam? Listen to Dr. Troy Hinkel, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Mission for the Holy Family School of Faith offer principles of discernment for Catholics on this sensitive yet crucial issue.

Recorded live Friday, March 31st at Church of the Ascension.

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Hot Topics Speaker Series: Homosexuality-Andrew Comisky

The Parish Council has recommended this year that Ascension offers a series of presentations on various issues happening in society today.  We’ve called it the “Hot Topics Series”.

Below are a list of resources from our first night.


Andrew Comisky’s Presentation (Watch it here)

Other Resources

~ Bishop Barron Interview (among others topics, this interview covers                    homosexuality/gay marriage)